Ways to get involved in SURJ NYC

We ask all newcomers to attend a chapter meeting when they join SURJ NYC and to make time for the 30 minute orientation prior to the meeting. The meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of the month, check the Facebook page for details. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Attend a Chapter Meeting

Our Chapter Meetings are the best place for you to become part of the SURJ NYC community and get involved in supporting the movement. You will meet new people, learn what SURJ stands for, and have the chance to participate in group trainings and discussions that work to help you determine your future direction in SURJ NYC or in anti-racism work elsewhere


Join a training, action, or event

Take action with us this month! We update our calendar daily to reflect all events SURJ NYC members can get involved in. Check out our calendar to see what trainings, actions, and events are coming up soon.

Join a working group

Gather together in person with other people interested in anti-racism work based on your interests and skillset.

If you’re passionate about police accountability and mass incarceration in NYC, check out our issue groups.

If you’re social media savvy or data-inclined and prefer behind the scenes work, consider joining our communications team.

If you’re interested in spreading the word and calling people in to the work of fighting white supremacy, check out our basebuilding group.