Coordinating Committee (CC)

The purpose of the CC is to ensure NYC SURJ is in integrity with its purpose. The CC does this by liaising with national SURJ, ensuring that accountability relationships are maintained, maintaining and innovating effective organizational structures, evaluating strategic planning and overseeing finances.

  • Meetings: The CC meets on the first Wednesday of each month. Any active member of SURJ is welcome to attend a CC meeting to observe. Just email the CC in advance to let us know you would like to come:

  • Term: The CC is a one-year commitment with the opportunity to cycle off after six months. Currently there are six members of the CC, but we are aiming to have more in future.

  • Decision-making: The CC must have a quorum of ⅔ of its members and a ⅔ majority of that quorum must vote “yes” for a decision to pass.

  • Information Sharing: Updates on the various projects undertaken by each working group are shared in a monthly email update to active members.

Current CC Members

Grace Patterson


Jota Bogmann

Sammie Sachs

Maria Montgomery

To get in touch with any of the people listed here please email


Below is a list of roles in SURJ. Some roles are currently filled by CC members, and some of which are a mix of CC and other active members.

Treasurer - Grace and Sammie

SURJ National Liaison - Westlake

Data and Email Management - Laura Laderman

CC Coordination - Sammie Sachs and Grace Patterson

Each working group also has coordinators who are not in the CC. Please contact us if you would like to get involved with a working group.

Base Building WG Liaisons - Emma Maniere

Police Accountability WG Liaisons - Sammie Sachs, Molly, Caitin

Anti Mass Incarceration WG Liaisons - Katie Schaffer, Michael Mangieri, Ryan Aqosta, Jessica Gath

Communications WG Liaisons - Westlake, Grace Patterson, Laura Laderman

Deep Canvassing WG - Tom Weinreich